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01.12.2020 | Республика XXI век
The Republican Academic Project “Stars of Tomorrow” is a special event for the young participants, their parents, and teachers-mentors. The creative program is accompanied by a unique festive atmosphere - the children are confident that they will be welcomed, heard, and supported. “Stars of Tomorrow” is a fairy tale of gifted children in the setting of the stage, and most importantly - La Primavera Chamber Orchestra and the responsive audience. Rustem ABYAZOV, the art director and principal conductor of the Kazan Chamber Orchestra La Primavera, spoke about the unique program in detail.

- Rustem Yunusovich, why did you decide to create the “Stars of Tomorrow” academic project?

- Initially, the main aim of the program was to raise the prestige of academic music education and, of course, to introduce talented children to the public, including those with disabilities, and to support our wonderful teachers.

- How many children have taken part in the project over all these years?

- Over the six years of its existence, more than 1000 talented children from children's music schools and colleges in Kazan and Tatarstan have taken part in the project.

- Who may take part in the creative program?

- Pupils and students of musical schools and colleges of up to 18 years old. The main goal of the project is to encourage children to practice their musical instruments.

- How does the selection process go?

- The “Stars of Tomorrow” creative program has a serious selection process. I travel to cities and regions of the Republic and listen to a huge number of kids. They are all very capable and creatively gifted. First, there are auditions for the participants in Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Almetyevsk, Bugulma, and Buinsk. Then there are gala concerts. Children go on stage accompanied by the orchestra La Primavera. Of course, it's impossible to invite all the participants to perform at the final concert. I select the best numbers; I believe that academic concerts should include 22-24 performances. But this year I could not cope with myself, I had to take 33 participants. The concert went on for over three hours. But the children are worth it. For them, the performance with La Primavera is a creative “magic push”.

- On September 28, the finals of the “Stars of Tomorrow” program took place at the Saydashev State Concert Hall. Which of the participants would you individually mark?

- Children with disabilities were also selected. Among the special participants were very bright and talented children who captivated the audience: the vocalist Timur Fazliev, diagnosed with cerebral palsy; the 6th-grade pupil of the Children Art School № 7 in Naberezhnye Chekny, the winner of international and all-Russian competitions Azalia Yafyasova. Alexey Romanov, a pianist without fingers, whose successes we are proud of, performed again. After their performances, the audience gave them a standing ovation. Ilnaz Mubarakshin, a violinist from Kukmor, was this year's discovery. He graduated from the 9th grade and entered the Kazan musical college. He performed “Torments of Love” by Kreisler at the concert, which is considered an adult repertoire. I would also like to mention Maria Tsapkova, a 6th-grade pupil from the Children's Music School № 3 in Naberezhnye Chelny, who astonished the audience with her performance of the 23rd Concerto by Mozart, which is very difficult work even for conservatory students.

- Of course, very talented, unique children take part in the concert. But still, Rustem Yunusovich, are there any of them special to you, even favorites?

- The pianist Alexey Romanov from Zelenodolsk. His story is an example of fortitude and incredible courage. I still trepidate when I remember the first time I heard and saw Lyosha play the piano... Alexey was diagnosed at birth with upper and lower limb abnormalities. His mother abandoned him and left him in a baby home. The boy has always been determined. And he did not want to be helpless, tried to do everything himself. At six, he was fond of playing the piano. No one wanted to teach him to play, they said it was impossible, so he had to learn by himself. At first, he practiced on simple children's songs and then started trying to pick more difficult tunes that he had heard somewhere. That's how his repertoire included the soundtrack to the movie "Twilight", which he performed at the 2015 “Stars of Tomorrow” gala concert, accompanied by the orchestra La Primavera. When I saw Alexey perform this piece at the audition, I couldn't say anything for a while, I was shocked. Since then Alexey has been a miracle personified to me. He has done and continues to do the impossible. I admire him!

- What would you wish for the young musicians?

- I don't want to say plain words. The main thing is that their profession related to music should be the one they love. Children need to be healthy. I am strongly against excessive activities that lead to health problems in children. Everything should be in balance. Certainly, one should train hard. Nothing happens without it. Still, children should not be deprived of their childhood. The child should develop harmoniously. I wish everyone a happy childhood. But at the same time I wish them to love their profession, study, succeed, win contests and become true professionals. For our part, we will continue to develop the “Stars of Tomorrow” program. We hope that we will continue to receive support from the Republic authorities because our young musicians are the pride of the Republic.

In 2014 Rustem Abyazov created the creative program “Stars of Tomorrow” in Kazan. In six years the academic project has rapidly gained popularity. The authors of the program actively support unique singers and musicians, many of whom are children with disabilities. Today, the classical music creative project is under the auspices of the Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan. The gala concert is held annually in the main concert hall of the Republic - the Saydashev State Concert Hall.

Yulianna OSIPOVA

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