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The Kazan Chamber Orchestra La Primavera will open the XXXI concert season

The Kazan Chamber Orchestra La Primavera will open the XXXI concert season

On Monday, September 23, the Kazan Chamber Orchestra La Primavera will open the XXXI concert season. Despite many years of tradition the orchestra did not invite famous soloists, but prepared a program of "symbolic and cult-favourite" compositions for the public.

“The choice of the program for the season opening is not accidental," says Rustem Abyazov, the art director and chief conductor of the orchestra La Primavera. – It includes: "Seasons of the Year" by Vivaldi, a part of which gave the name to our team; “Metamorphoses” by Strauss - I won't be wrong if I say that we were the first to perform it in Kazan. And "Enchanting Fantasy" by Boris Chetvergov on the themes of waltzes by Strauss, which was created especially for our orchestra.”

La Primavera will celebrate its 30th anniversary in the new season. The musicians promise to continue their well-known projects:  "Ten-Year Brotherhood”, “Tatar Stars from European Stages”, “Stars from Tomorrow”. In March, the VIII International Festival L'arte del arco will be held, with concerts in Kazan and Tatarstan. The orchestra has invitations to Samara, Ufa, Sochi, Izhevsk, Malta and Germany.

In the new season, the orchestra will feature performances by Denis Shapovalov, Aylen Pritchin, Todor Petrov, Razvan Stoyka, Tim Kliphuis, Johanna Röhrig, Cristine Rauh, Sergey Pospelov, Boris Andrianov, Evgeniy Mikhaylov, the trio “Loyko” and many others.

"In addition to the Great Saydashev Concert Hall in Kazan, we will be performing on several other stages in this season: at the Tatar Philharmonia, the Moskovskiy Concert Hall and the CC (Cultural center) named after Lenin. We are preparing new experiments and we want the anniversary seasons to become unforgettable both for the orchestra and the public," said Abyazov.

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