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The concert on March 15 will be the largest in the history of the festival

All four works announced in the concert program of L'arte del arco will be performed in Kazan for the first time.

Rustem Abyazov, the Art Director of the orchestra La Primavera and the festival L'arte del arco, made his orchestral version of the famous violin sonata by Franck.

"I love this work very much, but until now I didn't even think that it could be performed with an orchestra. And then I thought: "Why shouldn't I perform one of my favorite works with the orchestra?” I prepared the orchestration, then we tried to perform it in Sarov, and recently on our tour in France and Switzerland. And I can say it is worth showing anywhere in the world.”

On the European tour the orchestra also tested another work - a work by the American composer Goldstein - Rhapsody on the theme of Albinoni for violin, cello and chamber orchestra. The composer arrived in Tatarstan and will be present at the premiere of his work.

Besides, the composer's friends Natalja Bestemjanova and Igor Bobrin, famous Russian figure skaters, are also coming to the premiere.

The Weinberg cello concerto will be performed for the first time in Kazan, moreover the centenary of this work is being celebrated this year. Together with La Primavera it will be performed by Mark Drobinskiy - one of the best performers of this concert. The crown of the premiere night will be the cantata by Anton García Abríl, a very famous living Spanish composer, who is the author of the music to the film "Let them speak", which was very popular in the Soviet Union.

His cantata is written for cello, organ, chorus, soprano and string orchestra. This work was first performed in Perm at the organ festival. In Kazan it will bring together more than fifty musicians on the stage.

"Personally for me the concert on March 15 will be the most interesting and large-scale at the present festival,” - said Rustem Abyazov - the art director of the orchestra La Primavera and the festival L'arte del arco.

The VII International Festival L'arte del arco ("The Art of the bow") officially opened in Kazan on the eve of March 13. It includes six concerts and takes place in Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny and Nizhnekamsk. During the festival days the guest stars will give free master classes for students of Kazan musical schools.

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